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Double Feature Premiere : “Teasing” + “Echobaby” – Manta

Manta’s new double release “Teasing” and “Echobaby” are a match made in heaven. The sensational new tracks are ready to take over your weekend, and we’re here for it.

“Teasing” offers up a lighter, almost twee-pop feel side of the band while “Echobaby” is filled with dreamy tones that float over a hypnotic bed of instrumentation.

Manta brings their audience into a futuristic world of their own creation. Their unique sound defies barriers and generates a cross-genre audio experience for the ages.

A soft and quietly toned song, “Echobaby” creates a calming effect that listeners will definitely chill out to.

Known for their unconventional style and genre blending habits, it is no surprise that Manta has released the singles with the same rare aesthetic they sport in their prior releases.

On “Teasing” vocals dance along the song in melodic harmony to create the entrancing sound that the band is internationally known for. The track is a total Summer jam which will have you head over heels with every listen.

The group’s range goes deep as they expand upon decades of popular music, mixing various genre textures (jazz, tropicália, funk, disco, to name a few) and adding layers of sonic flourishes in a manner reminiscent of the experimentally-minded ethos of the 60s and 70s. All four members are talented multi-instrumentalists, producers, and prolific songwriters, with each usually bringing their vocals into the mix. Their distinct styles blend to create a unique collaborative sound in an era filled with one-man-bands.

With a strong set of releases behind them Manta’s debut EP Fuzz Pop was released in 2017, followed by a string of singles, including Melanoma Sunrise (2018), Lose Their Legs (2019) and Nightcap (2020).

Straight off the heels of their visual album “Manta and Their Amazing Friends Pt. I,” which was released in the late Spring, Manta shows no signs of slowing down. “Teasing” and “Echobaby” are out via digital outlets today. Go get ‘em!

From the Artist : ” Primarily written and sung by guitarist Sam Guarino, “Teasing” has been a live staple of the band now given a lush new studio arrangement. Musically the song is our modern interpretation of the power pop of the 60s and 70s, and lyrically a tongue-in-cheek response to bubblegum tropes.

The b-side “Echobaby” is one of our newest concoctions, written and sung primarily by bassist Jack Brickner following a three-day bender. It’s a melancholy breakup ballad recorded while the wounds were still fresh. We paired it with Teasing as a contrast from sunny pop to chill late night vibes.”

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