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Song Premiere : “Talk to Me” – Pixellay

Birmingham, AL native Landon Friedman is DJ Pixellay, a 17-year-old rising electronic music producer, songwriter, and remixer. A skilled percussionist and computer programmer, Pixellay combines his passion for music and technology to produce lush EDM, future house, tropical house, and electronic pop tracks. He’s proven his talent and range with his multiple singles, like “Waiting For,” part sweet, melodic pop and part chill EDM, and “Get Back Home,” an emotional electropop song with female vocals and tender piano. He has been a featured musical guest on the Oh Brother Radio Show for Birmingham Mountain Radio, a Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and internet-based radio station. His song Decoder appears in episode 7 of the hit Apple TV series “Ted Lasso” and can be found on the music soundtrack: Ted Lasso – soundtrack Apple TV+ series.

His newest song “Talk to Me” is similar to that of “Get Back Home.” It’s an Avicci and Calvin Harris type song that begins with a fade in of the synthetic melody and rhythm and ends with melodic piano. The female vocals sing “Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, give me all, give me all that you got.” It’s a unique electropop song; it can be interpreted in many different ways and the meaning is something different to each listener.

“Talk to Me” is definitely a hit. It’s perfect for any club or party where you want to pump people up. It gets your heart pumping and body moving, which is exactly what you want an electro pop song to do. It belongs on any summer playlists and all party playlists.

Pixalley is able to create music through his two loves, music and technology. He does it so well and so effortlessly that he makes it look easy. He’s elevating the genre. He is absolutely an artist to keep an eye on.

From The Artist : “I really enjoy composing and producing music that makes people feel good—the type of music that will hopefully have listeners tapping their feet and humming along to the music long after the song ends. My latest single, ‘Talk to Me’, is in a similar style of my two recent summer releases ‘Waiting For’ and ‘Get Back Home’. It combines melodic pop and EDM to form an upbeat track with a soulful female vocal and smooth melody. For me, the most important part of the song is the simple refrain, which asserts, “Say you’ll give me all that you’ve got.” That lyric encourages and reminds me to strive to give my best effort at everything I do. I hope readers will give the song a listen and that it inspires them to be their best selves!”

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