96: Rizwan Virk

For the 96th episode of NEOHUMAN, Agah is chatting with Rizwan Virk (@Rizstanford). A graduate of MIT and Stanford, Rizwan is a successful entrepreneur, video game pioneer, film producer, venture capitalist and bestselling author. His software products have been used by the largest enterprises in the world, and his mobile games, including Tap Fish and Penny Dreadful: Demimonde, have been downloaded by millions of players. His indie films, including Thrive and Sirius, have been seen by millions of viewers worldwide.


Rizwan Virk:

The Simulated Multiverse: An MIT Computer Scientist Explores Parallel Universes, Quantum Computing, The Simulation Hypothesis and the Mandela Effect:

The simulation Hypothesis: An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are In a Video Game:

Rizwan Virk | The Simulated Multiverse | Talks at Google:

Startup Myths and Models: What you Won’t Learn in Business School:

Zen Entrepreneurship:

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