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Song Premiere : “Close to Perfect” – Livia and the Rosebuds

Livia and the Rosebuds are premiering their new single “Close to Perfect” taken from the upcoming EP entitled Butter. The 3 song EP is what Paramore meets Green Day would sound like. Based around Livia Overton’s battle with addiction, she hopes her songs connect with those who face the same challenges and understand the obstacles one goes through in the process of healing.

Livia is a seasoned performer and a musician who has studied guitar, bass, keys, and drums. Her music has been playfully irreverently described as “Barbie-rock,” and that’s become a description she devilishly embraces. Livia’s songwriting doesn’t adhere to genres or formulas—she brazenly follows her muses. Her songs have swagger, big emotions, and exude both sass and sensitivity. They’re a culmination of all the rock, pop, soul, and blues she’s soaked up in her musical household and beyond, including her immersion in Memphis’s rich music heritage. She co-writes with bassist/guitarist Landon Moore, and she performs live with her band, Livia & The Rosebuds, which consists of Ana Taylor on keys, Max Dixon on bass, Bry Hart on drums, Joe Espinal as the lead guitarist, Auden Brummer on the guitar, Landon Moore, and Livia.

“Close to Perfect” is all about how Livia may not be a perfect human, but she’s her most authentic self which is really the most important part of living life. That being said, she is an addict, which constitutes dangerous behaviors and a personality not many people instantly gravitate towards. She sings, “why didn’t it fix me guess I’ll have a sixth drink. I should really rethink what I know as risky.” While she embraces who she is, she also cries for a connection from someone who understands her pain.

The upcoming Butter is a brilliant EP about the struggles surrounding addiction for not only Livia/the user, but the people around them and how they are affected too. Addiction is a taboo topic in the United States, though it has become less so over the years. Livia breaks down the discomfort surrounding recovery and shares her raw and honest truth on the subject. “Close to Perfect” is the perfect introduction into her world.

From The Artist : I wrote close to perfect while I was out in rehab in California. This song means a lot to me because in the lyrics I tried to embrace all of the things that were selfish about myself. It was meant to be kind of satirical towards myself because I wanted to overcome all of my selfish thoughts and move past them.

I spent so many years ignoring or denying the fact that I had played a part in friendships and relationships that had fallen apart. I wanted all of the pain I felt from losing people to just go away. While I was in California I realized that I really did play a part in those relationships I had lost.

I was mad at first and wanted to deny it. With time I realized that I needed to forgive everyone. And that I needed to forgive myself. That’s where close to perfect came from. I was finally accepting who I was and who I was trying to become.

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