Lush Releases 5 New Bath Bombs To Their Permanent Collection

Out with the old, and in with the new! Every so often Lush changes up their permanent collection, and this time they have released 5 new bath bombs along with a new formulation for Black Rose, which isn’t supposed to leave a mess in your tub. As soon as I saw these were released I had to run to the store and pick them up to try. The only one I didn’t grab was Black Rose, as I had tried it the first time it was introduced to the North American line and didn’t care for the scent.

Unicorn Poop ( $8.95 CAD)
The Lush website describes Unicorn Poop as being fruity and floral, and it’s a spot on description of this bath bomb. It has a fun strawberry scent, and the bomb fizzles slowly as it released streaks of colour, leaving your bath a beautiful lilac colour. In terms of Lush bath bombs, this one is pretty basic. It was fun to do once, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

Diamond Dust ( $12.95 CAD)
This bath bomb is a slow fizzer with an exceptional amount of rose gold glitter, which to me justifies the price. The scent is pretty strong and I can’t really put my finger on what it is, as I can’t really pick up on any of the floral or fruity notes. I will say, that it smells a lot better once it’s diluted in the bath and it lasts on your skin for quite some time. I’m also unsure about how I feel about the colour of the bath water, it’s like a muted peach.

Luxe ( $11.95 CAD)
Out of all the bath bombs in this release, I have to say Luxe is by far my favourite. It contains Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang, and sandalwood oils to create a bold supposedly floral scent. Normally I steer far from floral scents, but this one somehow smells like boba pearls. I’m not sure what ingredients caused this, but its intoxicating and I love it! The bath art is also absolutely stunning. There are streaks of purple, pink and blue, with a very glittery grey center to really bring the bath art to life. After the bomb fizzles out, you’re left with a vampy purple bath – very much like the bath water from the halloween ‘Bat Art’ bomb, except with copper glitter instead of silver. I’ll definitely be picking more of these up in the future.

Lakes ( $7.95 CAD)
Lakes contains Siberian fir needle oil, Myrrh, and Osmanthus absolute to create a clean earthy scent that isn’t too overpowering. In terms of bath art, this bomb releases swirls of green, pink and pastel blue, leaving the bath water a beautiful shade of green. I don’t normally jump for green bath bombs as it feels like I’m bathing in lime Koolaid, but this one wasn’t unpleasant. It’s also to note that I think this is the silkiest bath bomb I’ve ever tried. It left my skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized.


Toby’s Magic Cow ( $6.95 CAD)
This bath bomb was pretty fun, it contained popping candy and sparkles, and the rainbow streaks left the water a beautiful lilac colour. In terms of scent, I found this to smell like laundry detergent which I’m not a fan of and I didn’t get any citrus notes from the Brazilian Orange Oil that’s in it, but apart from that, I felt like it was still fun and it left my skin feeling soft after my bath. If you’re into things that smell like fresh linen, you’d probably like this bomb.

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