2022 Lush Valentine’s Day Haul

Love is in the air.. or maybe it’s just the new Valentine’s Day collection from Lush. But either way, it’s an exciting time for every bath enthusiast.

First up we have the new shower gel ‘I Can Resist Everything But Temptation’, the scent is supposed to be cinnamon apple with a hint of rose petals, but all I can smell is tart apple and nothing spicy. It’s actually quite pleasant and my favourite item that I picked up from the line until I broke out in hives after 2 weeks of daily use. Had I not had this reaction, I would have loaded up on this shower gel to last me for the rest of the year. Absolutely loved the scent and the fact that it lasted on my skin all night.

My beloved Love Boat bath bomb unfortunately didn’t make a return this year, but I was excited to give ‘Love Bug’ a try because it also had a sweet tart scent, which lead me to assume maybe this was just a new shape for Love Boat. But boy was I wrong. I’m unsure how to describe the scent apart from it was just tart with no hint of fruit or sweetness to it. It was honestly really disappointing and I guess my bath bomb had too much yellow in it as the water turned a very murky and unpleasant colour. I’m crossing my fingers that Love Boat will make a comeback in the 2023 season.

Mr. Loba Loba is the last Valentine’s Day item that I picked up, and he was the star of the haul. He’s a slow fizzling bath bomb that created a nice foam along with leaving the bath a beautiful shade of red. There was also heart shaped confetti that was released and eventually melted out into the bath water. The scent was sweet but not over powering with hints of vanilla and almonds. It was a perfect way to relax in a luxurious bath without having to worry about the clean up of the tub later.

The last piece in this haul isn’t Valentine’s Day related and is part of the main line, but I thought it would be nice to include it too. ‘Dirty Springwash’ is a spearmint shower gel that I love using as bubble bath – although not too much because then you’re left feeling cold because of the cooling sensation that it creates. A small cap of this into one of my baths brings out the fluffiest of bubbles and helps clear my sinus. It also works well for it’s main purpose – shower gel. I like using it in the shower when I need a pick me up since the cooling sensation is really refreshing.

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