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Song Premiere : “SHY” – Isabella Kay

Isabella Kay is an infectious and bright singer that needs to be on your radar now! Premiering today her glorious new single “Shy,” she brings to life a bold and gorgeously crafted sound that showcases her true essence as an artist.

“Shy,” is the next step to Isabella Kay’s pop debut “Under Your Skin,” which was released early last year. Garnering critical acclaim, Isabella has skillfully crafted her songwriting even more so in the past year, making “Shy,” her strongest single to date. Citing influences such as Lady Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry, and Alicia Keys to name a few, Isabella Kay’s music offers real-life, heartfelt, relatable experiences.
Her relatable lyricism alongside her dreamy, charismatic music, offers up a whole new side of the artist.

Hailing from Renton, Washington, just outside of Seattle, Isabella has loved music from a young age. She started singing and performing on stage at the age of 10 years old and competed in several singing competitions in which she gained a following through her ability to connect with her listeners’ emotions.

Isabella says “I feel most comfortable on stage, that’s my safe place, where I can express myself”. “Creating songs with meaning is freeing, sharing feelings through a song is sometimes an easier way of expressing myself.”

Isabella has been working alongside musician/producer Jimmy McGorman. He is an American musician, songwriter/producer, and is a multi-instrumentalist: guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, and drummer. He has worked with the Goo Goo Dolls, Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani, and Cher to name a few. The combination of McGorman and Isabella Kay is an unstoppable musical force that will have you hanging onto every note and word. “Shy,” is an absolute pop dream and we’re excited to hear more of what Isabella Kay has to offer in the upcoming year.

From The Artist : “The inspiration for my single “SHY” comes from my own disposition. I think there is a bit of “SHY” in all of us at times. It may be about meeting new people, a school presentation, that certain someone that makes you fumble over your words. My “SHY” is in my day to day life, but put me on a stage and my fierce side comes out.”

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