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Today we’re ecstatic to be teaming up with Canadian Country singer, Emily Clair, to give our readers and exclusive behind the scenes look at the inspiration for her catchy new single ‘Kiss Strangers”. The track builds on Emily’s country music foundation, but adds a more upbeat, pop-influenced flair that matches the adventurous theme and energy of the song. The release of song follows the artist’s well-received debut live-off-the-floor EP “Stripped” in 2021, along with five consecutive Top 40 singles on CBC Country/Sirius XM in Canada – the most recent ones being her 2021 efforts, “Drive Me Home” and “Limousine”. Two of the other Top 40 singles (“The Sobering Truth” and “Me or the Whiskey”) also made the semi-finals of the Unsigned Only Music Competition. Keep reading to find out more about Emily Clair’s new captivating tune.

Hey there Live In Limbo, 

Emily Clair here, and I’m so excited to share my new tune “Kiss Strangers” with you! I’m a Canadian country singer and songwriter currently living in Greater Napanee, Ontario. 

The Inspiration:

The inspiration behind “Kiss Strangers” came from my past, and my friends’ past dating experiences. I’ve always written slow tempo sad songs and I felt that it was time to release something more upbeat, and out of my comfort zone to show a diverse side of me. I came up with the title “Kiss Strangers” and I felt that if I wrote something sassy, fun and upbeat, it would be fitting! Instead of writing your typical, sad breakup song, I thought that this one should be more empowering, and uplifting to anyone getting over heartbreak. “Kiss Strangers” was written to be every gal’s breakup anthem to getting strong and moving on! 

The Creation:

“Kiss Strangers” was written with Bobbi Smith (The Heels) and David Borys. It was our first co-write together and it ended up going incredibly well. You don’t always connect with people right away on a first write, but writing with these two always feels natural with ease. They both were drawn to the title, and idea and really helped to bring this song to life lyrically. The chorus on this song is undeniably catchy, and relatable so, that’s what really made me excited about this song.

I recorded this song with my producer Shawn Moore, based out of Waterloo, Ontario. Bringing “Kiss Strangers” to life in the studio was definitely a fun experience, it was hard to keep still and not dance to the undeniably catchy chorus, while recording in the vocal booth! It’s a lot different from anything else I’ve ever released, so it was always interesting to see where we went next with the instrumentation in the studio. Our intention was to give this song a more modern pop, country sound without straying away from my roots as an artist, and I feel that we really captured that with this song. 

The Audience:

“Kiss Strangers,” is definitely a tune for the ladies! It’s relatable for anyone going through a breakup, but lyrically fitting for a female empowerment song. It’s for any women who needs that extra boost of confidence to get over heartache. 

Thank you, for allowing me to share my story and process behind “Kiss Strangers.”

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