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Song Premiere : “Bloodshed” – Ariel Arbisser

Ariel Arbisser has always had an eclectic taste for life, interested in everything from Karate to fashion design, to horseback, musical instruments, and the list goes on and on. Over time, she honed in on journalism, theater, and, of course, vocal performance. She has performed in Off-Broadway shows and in film (The Art of Adjustment, Chanticleer) as well as writing, producing, acting, and singing in the original web series ‘Sex, Drugs, and A Cappella.’ Ariel took center stage in a wide array of musicals (Candide, Rent, Songs for a New World, Little Women, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and more) and straight plays (Museum, The Maids).

“I’ve never been someone who needed a romantic relationship. I always took pride in my independence and still do. But I realized I spent a lot of time protecting myself from potential heartache instead of exploring what could be wonderful.”

Arbisser just released her latest single, “Bloodshed,” an electro pop rock song with Ariel’s classic singer/songwriter vibe and a strong Sara Barielles meets Brandi Carlisle sound to it. “Bloodshed” marks a new chapter for Ariel as this is the first single she’s released since taking her mental health break after the release of her debut album in 2018.

From The Artist : “Bloodshed” is the dark side of each of us— all of us have a point of threshold where we can be pushed to become what we are fighting against. Whether that stems from trauma, frustration, injustice, etc — “Bloodshed” is about that moment of letting go and reveling in the darkness, however conflicted the best parts of you might feel about it. It feels more justified than not. It feels valid and warranted. But it’s the side we try to hide and keep tamed that comes out to fight when we’re at our limit.

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