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King Hannah at The Drake Hotel

One thing was clear on Thursday night’s trip to The Drake; We’re not talking enough about King Hannah. The fact that I’m writing this and you likely don’t even know who I am talking about just proves this. The fact that on Thursday night one of Toronto’s smallest venues was far from sold out, despite the band filling much larger venues in Europe earlier this year shows this.

So let’s take a second to talk about King Hannah. Earlier this year, they released their debut full length I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me. At times recalling the likes of PJ Harvey, Portishead and Mazzy Star (amongst others), the album is sure to be a favourite for anyone that grew up listening to 90s alternative. And as great as they sound recorded, they sound even better live, making me wish more people had been there to see them.

As great as it was to see them in an intimate setting with a handful of people, this band needs to be seen. When Hillside Festival rolls around in July, they’ll be playing and have the luxury of the built-in festival crowd. Same goes for Osheaga in August. If you’re reading this, please check them out. Or If you’re not going, be sure to give them a listen, because maybe then, more people will start talking about King Hannah.

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