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Home Is Where The Music Is” is an album that I have been dreaming of putting out since I was first introduced to songwriting and music production. It’s a ten-track album that I wrote on my own and it was produced by Los Angeles-based PSYSound (Nick Noto and Chloe Chaidez).

“Home Is Where The Music Is” comes from a place of honest love for music and it stays true to my expressive and deep writing,. I definitely broadened my horizons by going to Los Angeles to record, and the sound that has come out is so fresh, but still so true to my roots. The theme of this record is about being at home – specifically in your mind and body. In my case, when I’m focused on music and connected to the art I’m creating, that’s when I feel like I’m truly at home.


My dad speaks on this track, it is the intro to the album, and sets the tone for what to expect. It’s soft, sweet, and oh-so-emotional. It’s the “theme song” for the album. Chloe and I would just break out into song and serenade this all the time during the process of making it. Very heartwarming.


I like to say this song would be what would happen if Johnny Cash and Amy Winehouse collaborated. The song is written is about running for the sunshine (the success) and sometimes feeling like you’re just working and grinding just to survive and there is no way to get ahead. There is a big metaphor for “pulling the trigger” and really going for it with my music. I took a huge chance this year heading to LA to record the album, and decided to make a big investment into it. It speaks to my changes, and transitions as I step into this new phase of my career.

Don’t Say No:

Making this song was incredible. There was so much energy working with Nick and Chloe. I wrote this one after feeling like I got a million “no’s” from the universe, until I decided to say yes. I was manifesting greatness and feeling in my power. This is a positive and uplifting song about saying YES to life and its crazy opportunities. A bright indie pop vibe with a driving beat, this song will make you want to cruise around at night with your friends, walk around in your favourite jeans, and just inspire you to take a chance on yourself.


Lost love. Mental health. Losing someone you love to the demise of mental illness. Knowing that at the end of the day, all you have is yourself, it’s okay to just be in love with you. The lyrics in the chorus “Leave the flowers in your hair” are me writing about just wanting to keep things innocent and hold this love for life.

Big Wave:

An upbeat, feel good alt/country/rock track. This one is all about breaking free from expectations. The chorus goes “Hate it when they tell me what to do think they always know what’s best”. I get a lot of unsolicited advice from people in my small town, who just don’t understand me. It’s about showing my voice in a big way and really showing that I am ready for this and that nothing can stop me. Just gotta ride the wave!

Too Long:

I want to leave a strong legacy behind with my music. I’m always yearning to write music that will touch listeners for years to come. Feeling like sometimes I get boxed in, it gets too tight to breathe and I need to break free. This song is definitely a strong ballad, with an almost Beatles-esque feel to it. I wasn’t sure if it was going to make the album, but it meant so much to me and my journey that I had to include it.

On The Outside:

This song is so fun. Really classic feel good/easy listening. Huge Father John Misty vibes.

I wrote it after I ran into my ex-boyfriend randomly at a pub in Dublin, Ireland. It threw me for a loop, but was truly the closure I needed. I went and danced on a boat all night long after. The lyric goes “Took a little boat ride and I made a big wish”.

A wish that I could still stay true to myself, even while being in the limelight. And that is a deeper meaning to this song, staying outside of the light sometimes.

True Me:

I wrote this song at my songwriting retreat in rural Ireland. I was going for a lot of walks by myself and looking at sheep, writing, and swimming in the sea. I was reflecting and I realized it’s ok to not be okay sometimes. This song is about self-discovery and self-love. I also touch back on the theme of finding myself and feeling at “home” when I have my music. When I can write, play, and connect with others through music, everything is at peace and I am my “true me”.


When I came home from Ireland – right before I left to L.A. – I wrote this song. I sat down at the piano and the main riff came out in less that 20 minutes. The lyrics followed, and I titled it “Right” because that’s how everything felt in my life at that moment. It’s a huge song about fight, and resilience, and how bad I’m willing to fight for my dreams. The song has major musical theatre/pop ballad vibes, which go back to my choir and theatre days.

Glory Day (Over And Over):

I always like to end my albums with a very strong, emotional ballad. This track is just that. It’s gorgeous, with lush harmonies, beautiful melodies, and piano lines. Nick really captured what I wanted with this, and Chloe’s BV are just amazing. I am writing about wanting my glory day, my opportunity, and how that the journey leading up to it is just as important, and we need to savour that moment, and not lose ourselves along the way. Passion!

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