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EP Premiere : “Better in the Dark”- The Flip Phones

The Flip Phones is the indie folk rock duo that is Ryan and Lindsey, known for quirky songs, catchy melodies, and well-crafted lyrics. Their sound is the intersection of indie, rock and folk music. Imagine the melodica stylings of Gorillaz crossed with the songwriting of Neko Case and a twist of lyrical luminaries The Decemberists.Their music challenges listeners to ponder little moments and big questions, all while not taking anything too seriously. They ask: What happens when we confuse nature’s light with our own? Can small bits of time outdoors still inspire wonder? Is unrequited love uplifting in its own way? Do glaciers and rainbows cancel each other out?
Their debut folk rock EP, Better in the Dark, asks these questions out right in the hopes that they can help their listeners understand the world around them, as they write music to do the same for themselves. This 6 song EP explores the concepts of wandering and homecoming as well as the tension between humans vs. nature and darkness vs. light. Better in the Dark loosely tells the story of a couple who connect in the city, explore the universe together, and find their way back home to each other while drawing inspiration from real-world experiences and stories in the news.
“We finished these songs just as the world was descending into the uncertainty of the pandemic,” shares the duo. “But stories of resilience emerged amid the gloom, revealing splendor despite sorrow. Light and darkness are inextricably linked.”
The opening single “Man-Made Moon” sets the stage for the lyrical themes of the rest of the EP. It was inspired by an article the duo read about an artificial moon meant to help illuminate cities and light up the night sky. They explore humans v. nature while putting forth the question, are we better in the dark?
Their other song, “Fly Back to You” is a love story inspired by the story of Nigel, an Australasian gannet, known as the world’s loneliest seabird with eyes only for one other, who happened to be made of stone. The lyrics and music of this second single capture the searching solitude of this story while celebrating the courage and risk-taking in pursuit of love perfectly encapsulated in the lyric “I will always fly back to you.” It starts with a slow folk pop piano hook and melodica then gradually goes into alternative rock by the time we get to the climax of the song.

Artist Statement : “Creating this album was a journey that started in one place and finished in another seven years later. It began with acoustic songs and evolved during the recording process into a new and unexpected sound that is much different than our live performance.”

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