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Video Premiere : “It’s Ok” – Angela Saini

Angela Saini is an Indian-Austrian Canadian and country folk-pop artist based in Toronto. The singer-songwriter has forged her identity through unflinching positivity and empowering ideals. While she has experienced some incredible success, being known for her uplifting music through her debut album and two popular EPs, her success has come as a result of some of her darkest moments. Self-acceptance anthem “It’s Ok” was written for her friend and collaborator Derek who passed away unexpectedly, but it also applies to pandemic depression. “That’s the most personal song I’ve written,” Angela says. “Sometimes we don’t know what to do with sadness and depression, and I want people to know it’s fine to crawl into a ball—it’s okay not to be okay,” she says. Angela sweeps listeners away with instantly memorable, toe-tapping pop infused with storyteller sing-alongs about courage and finding joy in surprising places. The new single is lushly layered with pedal steel guitar and ethereal textures, but also grounded by a jaunty pop-rock groove. “It’s Ok” showcases Angela further nurturing her crossover appeal by sneaking in a rapped passage on the tune. Here, the rhythmic cadence makes the song’s meaning more impactful. Overall, the lyrics are cathartic because they give you permission to just admit things are hard, and not try to force positivity or change your circumstances in a fake or forced way. “It’s Ok” is the second unveiling from her forthcoming sophomore album, following “In It For The Ride” which declared “the song of 2022!”

Artist Statement : This is the most personal song I’ve ever written. “It’s Ok” is about coping with depression during the pandemic, and it’s also dedicated to my friend Derek, who passed away unexpectedly. When I wrote this song, I finally gave myself the acceptance and permission to feel sadness. So often we push through the darkness in life and pretend it isn’t there – I have been stressed out or depressed and just pushed through because that’s the only way I knew how to deal with it. Sometimes, you just need to hear that it’s ok to not be ok. I’m known to be this “Living on the Bright Side” kind of girl, and I usually find a way to lift myself up and find the positive in everything, but sometimes you just need to stop and say, “Wait… I am really suffering right now. This is important that I recognize and let myself feel these feelings.”“It’s Ok” also marks my first time rapping in a song. I really didn’t intend to share this with anyone at first, but over the two years of the pandemic, I heard this nagging voice in my head that was saying that the world needed a song like this.

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