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Single Premiere : “Bicycle” – Gracie Jet

Pop singer/songwriter Gracie Jet wears her heart on her sleeve. Her music is tender and understanding. Her confessional, piano-driven pop is powerful and melodic, from soaring ballads to country-tinged songs perfect for a summer highway. Her lyrics come from a place of passion, dealing not only with traditional themes such as love and relationships but also more difficult topics such as the heartbreaking scenes she witnessed during her time as a nurse during the Covid crisis.

The emotional fearlessness of her lyrics combined with her powerful, soulful voice makes for a tumultuous ride for the listener – through love, hate, and loss, from the exultation of finding a soulmate to the determination to explore the world.

Her new single, “Bicycle,” is yet another sweetly crafted pop ballad set with a backdrop of childhood memories and explores the past within the present. Her voice is strong and grounded, much like Adele meets Miley Cyrus.

“Bicycle” begins with an old chest of memories being opened up. But while the song swings with reminiscence of the past, “Bicycle” is set in the present. Combining her nursing career experiences of the people and families she has cared for, Gracie blows the dust off a subject we might not normally think about with one swift breath. Grace creates a powerful message about the reality of families trying to navigate life when someone they love starts to lose their memory.

As a nurse, she saw a lot of patients with dementia, alzhiemers, or other mental deterioration. She watched as family members would come by and hope their loved one remembered them. Gracie wrote “Bicycle” as if her dad was one of those patients. “If my dad was one of these people, I would tell him of the time he taught me to ride a bike,” shares Gracie. “When I first started learning to ride a bike I fell and hurt my knee. Families struggle with the fact that a loved one has forgotten them but they are left with all their memories and scars.”

Artist Statement :
“As a nurse, I have cared for many patients with dementia, Alzheimers or brain injury and often I am impacted by the families trying to come to terms when a parent no longer remembers who they are. We all have family and I often imagine how I would feel and wanted to create a song for the families out there. So, I put myself in the family’s shoes by creating a piece focused on my childhood that would be very personal to me but then set it from the perspective of a woman grieving for a father who no longer recognizes her.”

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