Behind The Song : “Heart Less” By Justine Blanchet

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We’re ecstatic to be teaming up again with Canadian country artist, Justine Blanchet, to take an exclusive behind the scenes look at her new single  “Heart Less“. The track marks a ten-single milestone and serves as her personal favourite from her upcoming debut EP which is due later this year.

Hey Live in Limbo, it’s Justine Blanchet! I’m a French-Canadian country artist based in the Montreal area in Quebec. I live part-time in Nashville, TN. I’m so excited to share with y’all my tenth single, “Heart Less”.


When I first heard the song, I was drawn to the message that using our heads more can save us from a broken heart. The clever play on words really tied it together so well that I could see the great potential of this song. The songwriters (MacKenzie Porter, Emily Weisband, and Jordan Schmidt) did an incredible job of portraying the character of a narcissistic partner. The song is all about the singer taking control of the situation and removing themselves from an abusive relationship. There’s power in the realization that you can change your situation.


This song is my second collaboration with Danick Dupelle as producer. We both really loved the demo already, so Danick rebuilt the track at his studio (Vibe Recordings) in Nashville. While I was in town, I was able to visit the studio when musicians were in and hear the song being built. I wanted to keep the spunky and sassy rhythm of the demo as it felt very appropriate with the message of the song. Danick added his own touches to the track. Of the three songs that we worked on at that time, “Heart Less” is my favourite.


This song is for the women who have been able to walk away from a difficult relationship. I want them to know that there are better options out there for them, and they are worth more than just the “bare minimum”. I hope this song also gives courage to the women who want to walk away from their toxic relationships.

Thanks for letting me take you “Behind the Song”!

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