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BEHIND THE SONG: “Beach Please” by Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel is back and bolder than ever. For a decade, Ontario natives Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin, and Stacey Zegers have been delivering hook-filled country harmonies and high energy shows together–all rooted in an unwavering friendship that is expressed through the pure joy of making music together. Their passion has built them a loyal fan following and continual industry recognition that remains relevant and faithful to this day.

We’re ecstatic to be teaming up with Runaway Angel today to give our readers and exclusive behind the scenes look at their single “Beach Please”, which also happens to marks their tenth anniversary as a group.

What’s up Live in Limbo, we’re Runaway Angel!  We’re a country trio based in Ontario, Canada and Nashville TN. We’ve been together for ten years and you could describe us a mix between The Chicks and The Spice Girls. We are pumped to share our new single “Beach Please” with you!

The Inspiration

This was one of those songs that just materialized in the moment.

We had a write with someone new to us, Kate Malone. She had some cool pre-created loops to listen to, to see if we gravitated towards anything and this super cool one with a banging bass line came up and I think we all were kind of immediately excited by it.

Stacey went into the trip really wanting to write a beach song that really fit, so we headed in that direction lyrically. I think we were still trying to figure out what the song was about when Ann said, “Beach Please” and we all kind of laughed at the joke but then one of us was like “wait.. no what if that’s the song?”

After that, it kind of just came together really quickly.  It ended up being like this anthem for anyone stuck at work who just wishes they were on a beach and just kind of gives the listener permission to just say sometimes you need a “Beach Please” (in the ever-polite Canadian way). Later when we came up with the line “Left my last F*** in the driveway”, we loved it so much but originally scrapped it. In the end we decided we had to do a version with that line because we felt like so many people have been there.


The Creation

We used one of our fave producers on this track – Adam Newcomb. We really wanted to work with someone who had worked with us in the past to have a progression of our sound while still keeping the consistent Runaway Angel vibe.

We also had a lot of elements that Kate had in her demo track that we really wanted to keep because they were just what made the song so amazing in the first place. We went back and forth with Adam through probably the most number of mixes we’ve ever had on a track because we just really wanted it to be perfect. At one point we completely changed the bridge, and scrapped a huge, detailed mix to go back to the previous one because we had lost some of the magic. In the end like always, he absolutely nailed it, and we are so grateful to have to chance to work with him.

One of our favourite parts of the song are the gang vocals which are actually Cadence’s incredibly inebriated friends at a party at 3am and we honestly weren’t sure they were even going to be useable but they were perfect. The actual live “Can we do it again” from one of her friends at the end is our fave part.

The Audience

This song is for literally everyone who wishes every day was Friday, which we imagine is most people. We feel like everyone can relate to having a bad day at work, a horrible boss, a boring life sometimes that you wish you could just close your eyes and escape from and suddenly be on the beach. It’s really sassy and kind of is just encouraging you to take a stand, grab back some time for yourself, and when you’re the most frustrated, put on a smile and say, “Beach Please.”

Thanks so much for letting us take you behind the song, now go on and get to a Beach Please!

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