BOYS LIKE GIRLS, the American rock band that stole hearts with their chart-topping hits, is back with a mesmerizing new single titled “LANGUAGE,” released today. Following the success of their comeback track “BLOOD AND SUGAR” last month, BOYS LIKE GIRLS continues to captivate fans with their signature sound and heartfelt lyrics. “LANGUAGE” delves into the unspoken language of attraction, exploring the subtle cues and gestures that speak volumes.

“LANGUAGE” explores the intricate dance of attraction, capturing the diverse forms it takes for different individuals. From a playful smile to a subtle wink or a simple head shake, the song invites listeners to embrace their own unique experiences of connection and longing.

In addition to their remarkable new single, BOYS LIKE GIRLS have also announced their highly anticipated North American Tour. Fans across the continent can look forward to witnessing the band’s electrifying performances and singing along to their beloved hits. This tour marks their triumphant return to the stage after a remarkable 11-year hiatus. Be sure to catch then in Toronto on October 24th as they perform at HISTORY. The full list of tour dates can be seen here.

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