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Song Premiere: “Mary Magdalene” – Jennifer Harper

Notoriously talented singer/songwriter Jennifer Harper showcases her artistry and spiritual journey in her acoustic adult contemporary song, “Mary Magdalene.” This particular track stands out as a remarkable moment in her musical repertoire, as it carries a profound message and deep spiritual resonance.

The genesis of “Mary Magdalene” came to Jennifer in a surprising and ethereal manner. While at the pool, preparing to do her laps, her mind drifted to the song prompt of the week in her songwriting circle. Initially intending to tackle the assignment about Joan of Arc, she received a different, powerful message upon dipping her feet in the water. The words “I want you to know who I am. I’m Mary Magdalene” resounded in her mind, accompanied by a melodic line that eventually became the heart of the finished song.

Initially unsure about the significance of this experience, Jennifer shared it with her songwriting circle, where it was met with enthusiastic reception. It wasn’t until she sang it to a spiritual mentor that she received encouragement to share the message she had been given. Although hesitant at first, Jennifer recognized the importance of the message and the meaning it held for her.

While Jennifer admits to having limited knowledge about Mary Magdalene, the message she received resonated deeply within her. It spoke to the hidden power of women, a power that has been obscured for far too long. Jennifer interprets the message as a call to action, urging women to embrace their inner strength and no longer hide their power. It is an invitation to reclaim their voices and proudly say, “Know who I am.”

Jennifer sees herself as a messenger, not only for herself but for other women who may be cautiously exploring their own power. She acknowledges that not everyone is ready to fully embrace their potential, but she hopes that her music can inspire them to dip their toes into the water and begin their own empowering journey.

“Mary Magdalene” carries a powerful and universal message: to believe in our power, to speak out, and to understand that we are all connected through love. Jennifer Harper’s heartfelt delivery and the stripped-down acoustic arrangement add an intimate touch to the song, allowing the listener to fully absorb the depth of its meaning.

In a world where women’s voices and contributions have often been marginalized, “Mary Magdalene” serves as a poignant reminder of the strength and resilience that resides within each individual. Jennifer Harper’s musical offering is not only a personal expression but also a celebration of the collective power of women. It encourages listeners to explore their own potential and find empowerment through their voices.

Artist Statement: “Ultimately, I trust what came through and I’m happy with the sound we created. It is my hope that you feel the purity of the frequency as it was transmitted to me. And perhaps it will inspire you to illuminate your own Magdalene light.”

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