Pierce The Veil Unleashes “12 Fractures” Music Video

Pop-punk powerhouse Pierce The Veil has shared the video for their new single “12 Fractures” feat chloe moriondo. The video features vocalist, Vic Fuentes and moriondo walking down a crowded city street towards one another, as the song plays out.

“This song is a true story about watching two best friends break up,” Fuentes shared in a press release. “It’s about the slow crumbling of love and how tiny fractures can eventually turn into breaks in a relationship. It also describes the tragic aftermath of choosing sides, possessions, and even friends to take with you as you move on. It’s a time capsule about a moment in our lives. The addition of Chloe moriondo’s angelic voice and personality to really brought the whole story to life and illuminated both character’s perspectives. It wouldn’t be the same without her.”

“Working with Vic was such a dream,” moriondo says. “It was such a sweet and fun honor. I loved filming on the street with him and the crew— it was a really awesome experience that I’m so excited is finally able to be enjoyed by everyone!”

The track appears on the new album The Jaws of Life — Pierce the Veil’s first full-length in seven years — in February via longtime label Fearless Records

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