Take A Listen To Kandle’s New Single “St. Paul’s”

A true music industry veteran, Kandle has been a powerhouse in the scene with an impressive career spanning over a decade. Following up on the recently released “Live A Lie,” she is now sharing “St. Paul’s,” the second single off her new album to be released in spring 2024. A hypnotic waltz through the corridors of pain and grief, “St. Paul’s” is catharsis in the face of despair.

Speaking about the track in a press release, Kandle states: I feel that the importance of making “dark” music lies in its relatability. Throughout my life I’ve connected with the words and melodies of artists like Nick Cave, Courtney Love, Nine Inch Nails, Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, PJ Harvey and Billie Holiday. These songs mirrored my own experiences of pain, misery and loneliness, and through that connection I was granted temporary comfort and self-acceptance, even if it only lasted the length of a song. I believe that much of the therapeutic and cathartic benefit of music is diminished when it’s over-explained. Rather it should be encouraged to project one’s own meaning onto a song and create one’s own connection. When lyrics resonate with you, it’s as if they can articulate every feeling you just can’t seem to find the words for. It is for that reason that I would rather say very little about this song.

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