Watch Shannon and The Clams’ Music Video For “Bean Fields”

Shannon and The Clams have released a new track titled Bean Fields, which is the second single off their upcoming album, The Moon Is In The Wrong Place. The track honours singer-bassist Shannon Shaw’s fiancé, Joe Haener who passed away in a tragic car accident at his family’s farm in Aurora, Oregon.

Bean Fields is an emotional high point of the album and a celebration of life. Haener’s farm, specifically the sprawling bean fields he planted, was the site of the tragedy, but they also symbolize his lasting impact on those around him. Its sentimental value simultaneously makes it a beautiful, communal meeting ground for friends and family to drink wine, look up at the stars, and feel his presence. Chirping crickets and a welcoming “woo-hoo” immerse the listener into three minutes of triumphant bliss about living life to the fullest in the name of those that you’ve lost. The band draws listeners into the song with an accompanying jubilant, storybook-like music video directed by Vanessa Pla and animated by Amber McCall.

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