Kiokii and.. Mini Haul

For those not familiar, Kiokii and… is Canadian company that provides globally recognized Asian beauty brands a platform to enter the North American market by making them accessible through their multiple in-person stores and webshop. I recently discovered Kiokii and… this past holiday season as I had been gifted quiet a few The Crème Shop products from various friends.

Their sheet masks are cute, affordable and leave my skin feeling refreshed. You can also sometimes find them in the beauty section at Winners. I like doing these masks once or twice a week. I haven’t been able to tell if it’s actually making a difference in my skin, but I do appreciate that it doesn’t irritate it nor does it feel oily after finishing the treatment and massaging in all the extra liquids. Sometimes I find that with other masks my skin becomes oily and itchy after use. Another thing I enjoy doing with these masks is popping them into the freezer for a couple minutes before use for a cooling sensation. These masks also make for great gifts with their cute designs.

Since I have eczema, it’s sometimes hard to find hand creams that won’t cause it to flare up over time. I’m two months in from when I started using my Lovisia and The Crème Shop hand creams, and so far it’s smooth sailing.

 I really enjoy the scents on the ones from The Crème Shop. The peach one smells exactly like a fuzzy peach while the birthday cake one smells like a decadent vanilla frosting. If you’ve ever tried the Glossier birthday cake Balm Dotcom (before the weird new formula), this smells like a richer version of that. The Lovisia cream was apparently a fruity scent, but it’s more of a floral scent with fruity undertones. Surprisingly, it’s not offensive though as I usually avoid floral scents like the plague. Both creams leave my ands feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. Between the two, the Lovisia cream’s scent lasts much longer than the ones from The Crème Shop.

Overall, I’m very happy with these products and can’t wait to go back to try some of the other products offered such as the lip oils and blackhead patches.

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