Blue Rodeo at Budweiser Stage

1 year ago
Sue Sadzak

Blue Rodeo performed at Budweiser Stage in Toronto

Voices on the wire: JR – William Gaddis (NYRB Classics, 2020)

A wild ride through financial markets, big business and middle school, JR remains Gaddis’ most experimental novel, and perhaps his…

1 week ago

Song Premiere : “Love is a Wasteland” by Paul Babe

From The Artist : "The  conquerors have come to wipe out our world. The buildings are broken and our skylines have turned…

2 weeks ago

Song Premiere : “Hopelessly Hoping” by X62

From The Artist : This song is inspired by a feeling or a circumstance many people have experienced. It’s about…

3 weeks ago

Album Review: “Shaking Studies” by Judith Hamann

A album of slow drones, tension and release, Judith Hamann’s Shaking Studies is an interesting listen, a LP of four…

1 month ago

Song Premiere : “Stealing from My Youth” by Kayla Williams

From The Artist : “I wrote this song in the midst of the chaos with COVID when we were mostly…

1 month ago

A Towering look at A Complex Legacy: “Wagnerism” – Alex Ross 

A towering work of cultural history and criticism, Alex Ross’ new book Wagnerism takes a deep look at the always-controversial…

2 months ago

Video Game-Themed Hotels

For non-gamers, the idea of a holiday is most-likely related to pristine beaches, memorable sunsets and culinary delights. However, for…

2 months ago

Video Premiere : “Be Okay” by Raz

From The Artist : "Be Okay" was inspired by Summer, as well as the challenging year we have all been…

2 months ago

Song Premiere : “Good Water” by Leahy

From The Artist : Our new song was inspired by a desire to communicate what unites us as human beings.…

2 months ago