SUMO CYCO Drops Energetic New Music Video for "Cyclone"

SUMO CYCO have dropped a brand new, high-voltage music video for their deliciously chaotic Initiation track “Cyclone”. Experience the unique, trademark sound of SUMO CYCO alongside a visual showcasing band energetically performing as frontwoman Skye “Sever” Sweetnam finds…

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An Interview with Francesca Ludikar

All photos taken/provided by Francesca Ludikar Our editor, Kat, recently had the chance to sit down and chat with photographer, Francesca Ludikar, to discuss how to survive in the ever changing music industry and her…

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Capsule Podcast

16: Sumo Cyco

Sever (aka Skye Sweetnam) is the front woman of Sumo Cyco. They are an edgy independent punk rock metal band based in Toronto, Canada. Discussing hair colour. Green for Ireland? And Winning Indie Week Canada Making…

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