This Is Not Hell’s Kitchen…


My name is Scott Roberts, and I am an undergraduate university student with a passion for cooking.

Two years ago, I moved into my own apartment, and like many students, soon realized that food does not make itself. My parents had always done the cooking when I lived at home, but now I was on my own. I was (and still am) on a student budget, and going to restaurants every day was just not an option.

I turned to the Internet, and started to read and watch everything I could that had something to do with cooking and food. What began as a
desire to create the perfect scrambled egg, soon snowballed into a mad dash to order as professional cookbooks off of Amazon. Before long, I was attempting dishes far beyond my skill-level, sometimes succeeding beyond my wildest dreams, and sometimes failing miserably

Thankfully, the powers that be at LiL have given me the freedom to do a bit more than simply post recipes. You can expect a bunch of different things. There will be recipes, yes. There will also be short articles on particular ingredients or techniques I’ve fallen in love with, and discussions about major happenings in the restaurant business. 

Before I end off, I just want to briefly share my philosophy on food and cooking:

I have spent a lot of time trying to understand the “Why” behind the food that I cook and eat. Why does it work, or why did it fail? What could make it better – a different ingredient, or just a different technique?

With an understanding of basic culinary principles, an open mind, and most of all, a desire to improve, I believe that anyone and everyone can create dishes that will  astound your family and friends.

To me, the greatest reward is a smile on the face of someone eating my food. I look forward to sharing my love of food with others, and leave you with a quote from one of my culinary heroes, Marco Pierre White:

“We all wear blue aprons in my kitchen because we’re all commis. We’re all still learning.”