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Jessie Ware at Opera House – April 6, 2013

Written by Tashana Billey

It wasn’t too long ago Jessie Ware was just a credit on an album page. Now the UK songstress has her name carved on everyone’s forehead.

The South London native has one of the most soulful voices to come out of the British underground. Her debut album, Devotion was such a hit with critics and fans across the globe, it earned her a few BRIT nominations. In town for her first Canadian show, Miss Ware was eager to gained Toronto’s complete devotion.

Playing a little over an hour, her set was mainly focused around her album which included tracks likes “Sweet Talk, Wildest Moments, and If You’re Never Gonna Move. She also featured her new retro-dance single “Imagine It Was Us” and her stunning cover of Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do for Love”. But “Night Light”, “Valentine” and “Taking in Water” were the top three performances of the evening. Her voice was so impeccable that it had the whole room watching in awe.

The show was really something lovely and intimate. Jessie is so charismatic yet delightfully funny. The audience absolutely adored her and she felt the same about them. She ends the night with “Running” to which at this point everyone’s busted out their best dance moves.

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