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Operators at The Horseshoe Tavern

Dan Boeckner’s notoriety as a part of beloved Canadian acts Handsome Furs and Wolf Parade is well deserved but rolling into Toronto Sunday night, Boeckner was touting a new ensemble called, Operators, his latest musical venture.

A big departure from his aforementioned bands they are not. Plenty of analog synthesizers, and danceable grit can be found in Operators’ arsenal of songs, alongside Boeckner’s distinct vocals.  The trio’s swaggering, gritty techo-pop has a keen eye for the dancefloor, with heavy beats (Sam) and synth-laden grooves (Devojka) leading the charge.

Whether the sizeable crowd at The Horseshoe Tavern was there simply for Boeckner was moot. From the galloping synth-rock opener the crowd connected with Operators’ energetic performance. Enthusiastic fans cheered at every opportunity awaiting new unheard songs like they were familiar standards. “True” the band’s first single off their recent debut EP1, was their most recognizable, and a fan favourite, working its dancefloor magic over the audience.

Operators’ somewhat unrehearsed, raw aesthetic coupled with undeniable energy is endearing. Seasoned enough the kinks of a new outfit fail to show but still somewhat new to themselves as a unit that’s fun to watch. Operators are worth the price of admission.

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