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The Dandy Warhols at Lee’s Palace

The Dandy Warhols took the stage at Lee’s Palace last night, inviting fans (both die-hard and novice) to amass. Those who have an issue with claustrophobia probably wouldn’t have liked this gig. Body to body, we all swayed to the sweet sounds of This Machine, as well as the warm old familiars off of their late 90’s/2000’s records. A syncopated light show transported us aboard some alien-like vessel crashed in the deep woods of Portland, with sparse flashes giving us just a subtle and glimpse of our leaders. These guys are super cool, man. So cool that Zia McCabe didn’t think twice about starting a peppy crowd bounce (in which everyone participated) and so cool that nobody thought twice about Courtney Taylor-Taylor, stoic with genius, not cracking a single smile.

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Photographer and avid concert-goer for Live in Limbo. A seasoned musician and graduate of Audio Engineering and a recent transplant from Miami. She enjoys long walks on the beach, photographing unsuspecting kittens, and destroying grown men in the mosh pit.