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The Drums at Adelaide Hall

Photographs by Sarah Rix. 

Hot on the heels of Encyclopedia, released Tuesday, The Drums alongside fellow Brooklyn band Beverly filled Adelaide Hall Thursday night in support of their new album.

The lo-fi pop act, Beverly, kicked off the night with a solid set to a rather unfamiliar but receptive crowd before the main event, Jonny Pierce and company performed.

Not one for talking, Pierce from the start of the band’s performance promised a lengthy set and delivered. The Drums jangly, alt-pop was filled with reverb, danceable grooves and galloping drums, but rarely took a breath. Pierce’s David Byrne-esque moves and sway felt both awkward and hypnotic, like a performer basking in the spotlight, yet uneasy by its presence. An enthused crowd sang along to crowd pleasers like “Money” and “Best Friend.” New songs like “Kiss Me Again” were littered throughout the long-winded set.

For a band with a limited soundscape, their performance lacked heart, disconnected from the audience instead progressing at what felt like a relentless pace through a lengthy set –over an hour- only to conclude on a low key with a ballad. Much as the songs slowly blurred together as the night went on, so too did the crowds energy wane as the set progressed. It was a disappointing conclusion to a night that started with such vigor would end with none.

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