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Ziggy Marley at Centre in the Square

Photographs by Lee-Ann Richer.

ZIGGY MARLEY, the eldest and, arguably, the most well-known son of the legendary Bob Marley performed at Centre In The Square last night. I have to start off by saying I was there to help carry gear for my wife (and Live in Limbo photographer, Lee-Ann Richer).  I am not a Reggae fan! Well by the time the third song was over I DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE! I had to write a few words to say I have never seen an act with such personality, individually, and as this band! 

October 9th was Ziggy Marley’s last Canadian date in his FLYRASTA tour, which started September 29. The final date is November 9th and it spans North America. 

The 10 piece band started the evening off just after 8pm to a very enthusiastic crowd. Almost immediately they were on their feet dancing in their seats and in the aisles. Surprisingly, the attendance was low. Less than a third of the seats were filled. 

 After a brief into, Ziggy appeared, bouncing around the stage.  He connected with the audience through his many proclamations of love. He message was loud and clear! He told us how much he loved our planet and wouldn’t want to live anyplace else (especially Mars!). 

The band included two female backup singers who were in perfect time and groove with the band. Very enjoyable to watch them interpret the music with their dance moves. One of his guitarists looked a lot like Billy Idol and being the only Caucasian in the band but fit into this well oiled Reggae machine adding a great flavour. 

Ziggy Marley mentioned how much he has enjoyed Canada. Then he went on to say how ‘love is my religion’ and that was his opening for the song with the same name.  He performed hits from his latest CD, ‘Fly Rasta’, and other tunes from his repertoire. He also delved into the holy territory of his father’s music.  Ziggy Marley is a beautiful blend of Bob Marley and his own musical ability.  

I have a new appreciation for Reggae after seeing it performed LIVE by one of the best. Thank you Centre In The Square and Ziggy Marley! 

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