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Broods, Erik Hassle at Danforth Music Hall

Photographs by Sarah Rix.

Broods brought their much-hyped moody pop to the Danforth Music Hall Friday night. Georgia and Caleb Nott, the latest pop exports from New Zealand behind Lorde and Kimbra, have been on a whirlwind ride since early last year. The sibling duo’s warm welcome to Danforth was no surprise. Opening the night as Erik Hassle and he serenaded the crowd well.

Armed with a small catalogue of their debut album, Evergreen, and their self-titled EP, which earned the duo their big break last year. Booming bass, lively synth and Georgia’s husky vocals were spot on as Broods performed fan favourites from “L.A.F.” to “Bridges.” 

Much of the Notts’ performance was as expected with sparse commentary between tracks as Caleb (synth, keys and guitar) seemed content to let Georgia run the show. A heavy reliance on the backing track smoothed over any imperfections, like a well-oiled machine, Broods never deviated from their script. Glimpses of Georgia’s vocal talents felt staged instead of genuine.

There is no question these siblings are the real deal having met expectations with a solid set of emotionally wrought pop songs but lacked personality, feeling calculated instead of organic. Broods could use to loosen their sound up for a grittier more raw performance. It would have taken the duo to the next level. But still, fans were given an album listening party, fun, energetic, and familiar.

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