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Randy Bachman at The Mod Club

Written by Darlene Altmann.

April 15 2015, it was a warm spring evening!  And what a great way to spend it at The Mod Club rocking with the Legendary Randy Bachman with Q107 presenting!  Living in Toronto most of my life, I’ve never been to the infamous Mod Club, always wanted to go, so when I heard Randy Bachman was performing I was game!  

It’s a very intimate setting where one can actually get up close to the stage and almost touch the performers .  Tonight, it was jam packed with standing room only!  He performed “Wild Texas Ride” from his brand new album “Heavy Blues,” a very catchy tune featuring guitars and cowbells!
Of course the fans would be disappointed if they did not hear their favorites from BTO and The Guess Who days, so thankfully he did not disappoint!  He sang ” No Time,” he sang “No Sugar Tonight and “She’s Come Undone,” changing it up a little to sound like a Led Zepplin tune in the 70’s if they were to have recorded it.

I felt like I was in a psycodelic time warp dating back to the late 60’s and 70’s!  He sang the rock classics “‘Looking Out For #1”, “Let It Ride”, “Blue Collar,” and “Roll On Down The Highway!”  

Q107 had a contest going on called the Rock Out With Randy Bachman Heavy Blues Contest, with the winner Adam Langley from Scarborough, joining Legendary Randy Bachman on stage rocking out to “Heavy Blues” with his brand new autographed Epiphon Les Paul Ultra 111 electric guitar!  Man the kid could play.

The audience got a surprise when Kim Mitchel performed a few songs with the band including classic hit “American Woman!”  What a treat!  
Randy sang “Taking Care Of Business” and performed it with a Bluesy kind of twist in tribute to the Legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan, who died in a plane crash in 1990.  Stevie was going to record the song but sadly never got the chance.  

Randy Bachman is a legendary performer, rocker, and writer!  I was glad I got the chance to relive some wonderful memories for a few hours.

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