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“To Those Left Behind” by blessthefall

Final Rating : 9/10

Blessthefall’s 5th studio album, To Those Left Behind, is very different from what we are used to hearing from the band. They have really stepped out of the box to create their own unique sound this time around. Upon the first couple of listens, it feels like they were influenced by some pop, hip-hop & electronic music as they experimented on tracks such as ‘Looking Down From The Edge’ and ‘Keep What We Love & Burn The Rest’. It’s great to see how they have found ways to incorporate elements from those genres into this album, as it was really refreshing to hear.

One thing I enjoyed most about To Those Left Behind, was that they focused on the melodies and quieter moments to really help build up the atmosphere within the songs. This made you really appreciate and enjoy the craftsmanship put into the album as well as each instrumental piece. These are some qualities that I feel will help launch BTF into some new territory that will help expand their fan base while still pleasing their current fans.

Sadly, I feel that strengths of To Those Left Behind were not well represented based off of the lead single ‘Up In Flames’ and ‘Walk On Water’. Both songs make more sense and flow a lot better when the album is listened to in full, and in chronological order.

Over all, To Those Left Behind possesses qualities to please more than just your average punk/screamo fan, it has something for every and anyone who enjoys listening to music. It’s clear that the band has grown a lot musically since their 2013 release, Hollow Bodies, and has finally found a sound that will help set them apart from all of the other bands in this scene.

Songs to check out : Condition // Comatose, Dead Air, Looking Down From The Edge and Keep What We Love & Burn The Rest 

To Those Left Behind will be available September 18th via Fearless Records.

Pre-Order Bundles are available here and on iTunes!

Lead Single ‘Up In Flames’

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