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Chantal Kreviazuk & Raine Maida at FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre

Written by Christina Scheuermann.

In December 1999, Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida, after meeting at a Pearl Jam concert in 1996, were married and have enjoyed almost 2 decades of romantic bliss.  To the delight of many of their fans, they are finally writing and performing together. This collaboration has been anxiously awaited, and now the time has come for Moon vs Sun! 

Stepping on stage in her silver sequin sneakers alongside her husband, adorned in a classic black leather jacket, the pair went directly into Under the Stars.  The sound in the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre was truly incredible as the iconic performers filled the intimate theatre with harmonic bliss! 

When you hear the way Chantal and Raines’ voices marry in perfect harmony, it is easy to see how they have survived almost two decades of partnership.  They compliment each other beautifully, one raspy and soulful, the other sincere, strong and versatile. Even their son Sal got into the performance, sitting side stage, deeply involved in the music, playing air drums and guitar, while he listened to the combination of old and new songs, each sounding better than the last! 

Between songs,  Chantal and Raine displayed an abundance of comedic talent, bantering back and forth, like the married couple they are. The crowd was in stitches listening to Chantals’ stories of how being famous will always get you a table, that the children are hers because she birthed them, and comically describing each others pronunciations of Moon vs Sun. Raine contributed evenly to Chantals’ witticism, receiving roaring laughter upon offering twenty dollars for a guests wine, as it wasn’t allowed on stage. I found myself almost looking forward to the jesting in between songs as much as the songs themselves.  These two are both down to earth, and are ridiculously talented entertainers!

After delivering my favorite performance of the evening, I Love It When You Make Me Beg, a song fifteen years in the making, the crowd of over seven hundred jumped to their feet with applause.  The standing ovation granted one more song:  Superman’s Dead.  The twist was the song, being an Our Lady Peace classic, was sung by Chantal who performed it flawlessly. The evening was one wonderful surprise after another and I truly enjoyed it from the moment I stepped into the magnificent venue.   If you get the chance to see this dynamic duo in action, reward yourself with a delightful experience, and say yes!

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