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“Ephemera” by Little Green Cars

Final Rating: 7.5/10

Indie Rock band Little Green Cars has released their second album, “Ephemera”. It is a 12 track album that includes beautiful harmonizing, and numerous calming songs.

I found this album extremely peaceful, and definitely a good one for the soul. All vocals are very soft and organic, which I extremely appreciate. There is something so calming within his voice, it almost creates an aura.

The acoustics are very defined throughout the whole album, creating even more of an organic sound to go along with the vocals.

I have never heard of this band before listening to this album, so I really was not sure to expect. When listening to the first couple tracks I did notice some female backup vocals, which blended in well. After getting further into the album, I soon realized that it is actually a female lead vocalist in addition to the lead male vocalist, which I really enjoyed. I think she has a more of a stronger and distinct voice than the male vocals (not a criticism), and they make a good pair. You would think that maybe the idea of a strong voice combining with a softer voice may not be a good match up because of how opposite they are, but something about the way they do it makes it sound absolutely phenomenal. I think that this point is best heard within the track, “Clair de Lune” which is an absolutely beautiful track. Not only do I admire the harmonizing within this track, but I think the repetition of the piano melody is a defining factor in what exactly makes the song what it is.

“The Garden Of Death” was an okay song, I didn’t particularly like the way his voice sounded with this track. I actually think it may have sounded better if they would have used a female voice in this track.

“I Don’t Even Know Who” is a nice track; there is a great display of vocal range and capability during the chorus of the track.

My favourite track off of this album was “Winds Of Peace”. This song contains some really beautiful lyricism; for instance, “You’re the voice inside my winds of peace”, “When the whole world is still and nothing moves, a leaf that shakes on the tree is telling me to try to stay strong”. I think his vocals are best displayed within this track, and I really appreciate the harmonization when they sing “One day we’ll set sale in winds of peace”.

“The Factory” was a great choice in song for closing due to the fact that it is extremely sentimental and uplifting. My favourite part of this song is the last minute or so when “I’m alive again” is repeated and layered, it really just left me with something. One of the best parts of the song is the first repetition of “I’m alive again” and then he says “I’m coming home soon” and it falls into this epic breakdown.

I did enjoy this album, and I think there is something really sincere and beautiful about it. I get a very down to earth vibe from it, and it just left me feeling really hopeful and uplifted. 

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