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“Together” by The Night Café

I think everyone should know about The Night Café. The band is from Liverpool, and that’s all I know – how disappointing, right? I’m even disappointed in myself for not being able to find anything else out about this band. I lurked all of the band’s social media, and I could not even find the band members names; that’s how limited it was! However, I will say that these dudes have some real talent here.

So this track is a lot more upbeat and has a touch of pop-rock to it, in comparison to the tunes that I’ve chosen in the past. I have chosen the song, “Together”. Honestly, this song is pretty perfect. It is definitely an Indie-Rock song, but also has a hint of Pop-Rock to it, adding some diversity to it. It kind of reminds me of something that would come from The 1975, but possibly even better than that. I truly fell in love with the singers voice, it is just absolutely beautiful. A lot of the time I enjoy more “bland” male vocals – I can’t even really explain why, I just really like the sound but this voice is just so different from that, it really just caught my ear.

The song also has somewhat cheesy lyrics, but I adore them. For instance the chorus “It’s the time together that we spend, that makes us such good friends; I’ll be there till the end.” Essentially, this song is about a relationship and enjoying and spending time with your significant other.

This song contains excellent instrumentals and top notch vocals, and I think it can do really well if it receives the recognition that it deserves. Like I said, this really reminds me of something that The 1975 would do, which is a really successful band right now – I think this is better than that. This is such a feel good song and I think it really needs to be put out there, because it has such strong potential to become something so much bigger.

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