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Mija at the Hoxton

Photographs by Agah Bahari.

On the southeast corner of King St. & Bathurst, a crowded line nearly busting at the barricades forms at the entrance that stands underneath a white lit neon sign which reads The Hoxton. Like any night at this buzzworthy venue, the place is practically overflowing with bass heads, ravers and people of all walks of life who know how to have a good time. On this particular evening, Mija continues her international audio invasion by bringing music genres and people together for her inaugural Fk a Genre show off of her v2 tour. Although, Mija would not be taking over The Hoxton alone, for she had brought with her three genre defying acts to truly show Toronto what Fk a Genre meant. 

Accompanying Mija were three outstanding acts Beat Connection, Shawn Wasabi and Durante. Beat Connection from Seattle is known for their funky and indie sounds had carried over their sounds influenced from their newest album Product 3 and translated it into an exquisite DJ set. Midi Fighter commander who’s best known for his viral hits Marble Soda & Uncool Lunch Tables, Shawn Wasabi kept the party going with Japanese, video game and pop influenced bass heavy music. LA artist Durante took everyone back in the past with some deep house tunes that were nostalgic of Electric Circus. 

The blue haired DJ would then take the stage opening with SOPHIE’s MSMSMSM. After that, Mija’s set was one unlike any other. She not only transitioned songs together but had regularly mixed a build-up of one song into a drop of another, transforming recognizable parts of songs into something completely mind-blowing and new. In genre defying fashion, Mija had integrated house, trap, dubstep, dancehall, and jersey club into one cohesive and incredible set. Mija would show her emo side and finish her set belting along with Chiodos’ track, The Words “Best Friend” Become Redefined with those in the crowd. There was something in her set that felt emotionally charged and nostalgic; similar to remembering a good childhood memory. To end off the night, Mija brought out Niagara Falls producer and good friend REZZ to close the show with her infamous dark techno that has the internet buzzing. 

It was incredible that Mija had not only came to bring to life her Fk A Genre movement in Toronto but also have some of the biggest artists showing off their unique styles that bring a reviving flair to the EDM music scene. The Hoxton never fails to showcase some of the best up and coming acts night after night, and this experience undoubtedly attests to that.

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