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Chairlift at Lee’s Palace

Photographs by Randall Vasquez.

Chairlift have always been unapologetically pop since 2008’s debut Does You Inspire You. Moth, the duo’s third album released earlier this year stands in stark contrast to their previous records. Sonically more adventurous, Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly brought their mature and spirited pop to Lee’s Palace Tuesday night. 

From start to finish, a consistently strong set, Polachek proved herself a star whose penning songs for mega-star Beyonce was no fluke. Armed with her gorgeous falsetto, the self-assured Polachek was in full pop star mode. 

Commanding an all-star set of pop songs from the buoyant disco-infused “Moth to the Flame,” to the crunchy rhythm of “Romeo” and sheer joy of shimmering pop on “Show U Off.” When not going full throttle, the haunting pulse of “Unfinished Business” and gorgeous emotions of “Crying In Public” injected much needed soul and dynamic into a set driven by pop bangers. 

Support from additional rhythm and saxophone gave Chairlift a bigger and brighter sound. Refurbishing older material “I Belong In Your Arms,” traded in synths for a slower, seductive groove and bass.

Flirting with R&B, the duo felt sonically liberated like much of their new material. Even untouched songs like “Amanaemonesia” exuded a  sexy newfound confidence thanks to their new surroundings.

Chairlift’s radiant pop flittered between R&B, pop, funk, soul and more in an almost careless fashion. Yet was impeccably executed. Wimberly and Polachek operate at a high frequency, matching an album full of colourful, sonic pop with a live show that meets it. 

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