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“Drifting” by On an On

On an On is an alternative band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band consists of Nate Eiesland, Ryne Estwing, and Alissa Ricci. Their record label is, Roll Call Records. This label is based out of Los Angeles, California. I was unable to find much of a back story however, they represent other artists such as Geographer, Wintersleep, royal Canoe, Typhoon, and more.

This song is about missing someone’s presence, and the whole production of it including instrumentals and lyrics is absolutely beautiful. It is about missing someone and basically picturing if they were there, and how you can “drift” into that feeling and then enter the realization that they are not there. The instrumentation in this track builds up intensity and emotion ever so well. In the beginning of the song I was not too into the track, as there was nothing really that caught my ear but something told me to continue listening, and as I did was when I discovered how amazing and emotional this song is. One of my favourite lyrics is probably, “When I turned and looked to where you should have been I started drifting”, because I think that basically sums up the song in just one sentence. I enjoy the slow acoustic strumming throughout the song, and how more instrumentals and back tracking are gradually added in, especially the drums.

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