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“Sleepy Lagoon” by Carl Broemel

Carl Broemel is a Psychedelic Rock/Indie Rock musician, based out of Indiana. He is well known for his work with My Morning Jacket, but also has his independent work on the side. He had one solo album release in 2010, and this is his first single since then. He studied Classical Guitar at Indiana University, and eventually moved out to Los Angeles and teamed up with My Morning Jacket. I was unable to discover the record label that this new single was released with.

This song has a very smooth and relaxing feel to it, as expected with thte title “Sleepy Lagoon”. His soft vocals and distinct guitar at the beginning of the song (which goes on throughout the song) almost give it a “mysterious” sound. I like the fact that the song does sound happy, but has this other mysterious feel to it. A very attractive asset to this song is the musical interlude at about 2:00 with no words. I think this is a very interesting time to choose an interlude (not even halfway throughout the song) which really makes this new single stand out even more. Interludes are usually seen in the beginning or towards the end of the song, but to have one not even halfway throughout the song is very attention grabbing, as well as the fact that is sounds very well produced.


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