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Flag with D.O.A at Lee’s Palace

American punk band Flag along with their direct support D.O.A performed recently at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. 

 This modest size venue filled in nicely with a good span of different generation in attendance.

 Legendary Canadian hardcore punk act D.O.A had the mosh pits starting early within their set and this trend followed throughout the remainder of the evening. The energy was derived by not only the nature of the genre of music, but also the bassist Mike Hodsall felt the vibe and did his usual jumps at every chance he could get.

 Although I had certainly heard of Flag before, I for some reason wasn’t prepared to see how they looked now. A bunch of average looking guys, with the exception of singer Keith Morris. If you’d meet them in the street, would never guess they were in a punk band. 

 Bassist Chuck Dukowski appeared to perhaps have indulged a bit in the booze. Bending over at one point to tie his shoes, he nearly fell over. His stage performance was filled with funny expressions and lots of movement. 

 Singer Keith Morris gave up the singer role to guitarist Dez Cadena for a couple of songs. He pulled it off with his naturally growling voice. 

 A good pairing for the evening and the crowd totally enjoyed the atmosphere. 

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