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Honne with Jones at the Mod Club

Photographs by Janine Van Oostrom.

It was an electric evening in the Mod Club where the British soul pop duo, Honne, would be playing for a sold out crowd. 

The evening was kicked off by the angelic, Jones, who owned the stage with her haunting vocals and grace. From the very first note she hit you could feel that she was something special. Never going off key she really did sound and look like an angel with her white lights and long dress. 

With stars in their eyes and love in the air the crowd was ready for Honne. Not much can be said other than wow. Somehow their hypnotizing love songs both calmed and energized the crowd. Starting off the set with ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ Honne brought the perfect amount of soul to keep things emotional and pop to keep things upbeat. They also brought a drummer and female back up singer along with them. By doing this they added a unique sound to the live show that isn’t heard on the album. In a way it was like hearing the album all over again for the first time. Together the crowd sang and swayed in unison as they were captivated by the men on the stage. 

The crowd seemed to love every single song just as much as the last, their energy never faltering once. It’s unique to see this happen but it makes sense when the people relate to the lyrics on such a deep and personal level. It seemed like everybody in the room had a song that told a personal story for them. 

About halfway through the set Honne invited Jones back on to the stage to finish off the song “No Place Like Home” and together their voices captivated every member of the crowd with their harmonizing vocals. Honne then finished off their set playing their biggest hit “Someone That Loves You” with the assistance of their background singer. I can vouch for it when I say that jaws hit the ground and hearts nearly stopped when she started off the song. Sounding almost as good as the original recording the song was the perfect way to end it before the encore. Of course they came back to play ‘You’ and ‘Women’ for the cheering crowd. 

Overall they put on a breathtaking show and after walking away from seeing them it is all too easy to understand the saying love is in the air. 

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