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Pitbull with Prince Royce at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Photographs by Daniela Tantalo.

On Wednesday, August 10th, The Bad Man Tour rolled through Toronto at the Molson Amphitheatre. Prince Royce set the mood for the night with his opening set.

As the lights went down, the screens across the Molson showed the opening credits of Pitbull’s story.  How even though he grew up in the rough parts of Miami, being the first generation American, he turned his life from negative to a positive, just like you hear him rely in his songs.  Backed by only girl dancers in barely anything there costumes, Mr. International went from song to song, only playing his singles, all 15 number ones. 

In between songs, Pitbull thanked Toronto for being so good to him over the years and how beautifully multicultural we are.  He also touched upon the current state of the USA election. Talking about the racism his country is facing in front of the whole world. “We all bleed the same blood and breathe the same air” he told Toronto. 

The backdrop of the stage was mostly all women running around in swimwear on a beach with clips of the music videos from each song played the parts of the artists that was featured on it. 

As we were in the mist of our normal heat wave state, Pitbull kept mentioning how hot it was and reminded him of Miami. The fire that bolted through the bottom of the stage didn’t help. 

If you wee lucky enough to catch Pitbull’s joint tour with Enrique Iglesias, then you would notice how it was the same set. The audience didn’t seem to mind, as they were up on their feet the entire time, getting told off by security for dancing in the rows. 

Pitbull ended his set with a speech on making a difference, that just like him, you could turn your life from a negative to a positive. 

You can get all 15 number one songs of Mr. 305 on iTunes now

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