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“Oh No” by Jack and Eliza

Jack and Eliza are an Indie-Rock duo based out of New York,NY. The two grew up together as friends, and now are a hip duo in the perfect location. They are inspired by 60’s psychedelic music, but describe their style as a more stripped down approach, comparing themselves to The Beach Boys, and The Mamas & The Papa’s. Recently, this fun duo has released their debut album, Gentle Warnings. Currently, they are working with Yebo Music which is described as a “management company with the power of a Music Label or a Music Label with full capabilities of Management.”

This week, I chose “Oh No” off of the new album. I have been listening to this song for a few weeks, and I wasn’t in love with it when I first heard it. Something just told me to keep listening to it because I recognized that something was catchy and unique about it, I just had to recognize what exactly it was. This has become one of my favourite songs recently, and it is because of their unique harmonizing and voices. Generally, with most underground and Indie bands, a lot of their voices actually sound quite similar but, I think this duo stands out from that. Although they are underground and Indie, their voices are the focal point of what they do; but this also doesn’t exclude their clever and catchy riffs; especially the one placed partially throughout the chorus.

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