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“Montreal Rock Band Somewhere” by Happyness

Happyness is a trio based out of London. They make music that consists of dreamy indie rock melodies, and takes inspiration from bands like Sparklehorse and Pavement. The band consists of Benji Compston (singer,guitarist), Johny Allan (singer, bassist), and Ash Cooper (drummer). These three men have known eachother throughout their teens, and performed in a variety of other bands but have now formed “Happyness” together. These cool dudes write and record in a studio underneath railway arches in Bermondsey, South London. They began to work with Indie label, Weird Smiling. Weird Smiling, was then re-released in the U.S as Bar None Records.

I chose the track “Montreal Rock Band Somewhere” off of their most recent album, Weird Little Birthday. I enjoy how simple this track is as it contains laid back vocals, simple riffs, and some soft drumming. In no way is this track over-produced. It amazes me when something so simple can sound like something so much more, and is still incredibly attractive to the ear. With so much synthesizing and over production, this track reminds me that real music still does exist, and the simplicity of this track is what makes it so beautiful.

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