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Annihilator at The Opera House

Ottawa based thrash metal band Annihilator performed recently in Toronto at the The Opera House. Their last performance in Hog Town dated back 23 years prior. Excited metal fans new and old filled the old building to capacity. 

Annihilator was founded in 1984 by vocalist / guitarist Jeff Waters. While the line up has changed over the years, Waters is the only remaining original member. Supporting him on the “In the Blood ” Tour is guitarist Aaron Homma (Immersed / Killitorous), bassist Rich Hinks (Aeon Zen), and drummer Fabio Alessandrini. 
Supporting acts for the evening was WARMACHINE, Skull Fists and Exaulted Piledriver. I was surprised by the attendance for the opening acts. Many times the venue doesn’t fill until closer to the main bill, but for that night, it was an exception. All the acts had great attendance and fan participation. 
When time came for Annihilator to perform, the crowd screamed in excitement. The energy was felt and reciprocated by the band. 
Waters proved to be very personable. Fist bumping fans in the crowd and high-fiving crowd surfers that would make their way up to the stage. 
Homma and Hinks would switch back and forth with each other from opposite sides of the stage. Both enticing the audience every chance that they could get. 
Later on in the evening, with the song “Refresh the Demon” they all dawned demonic face masks. Waters joked afterwards about how he gave props to bands like Slipknot for wearing such attire for entire shows. 
A solid “in your face” performance, with great stage presence. Annihilator didn’t disappoint the masses. 
Set list:
My Revenge
Suicide Society
King of the Kill
Creepin’ Again
No Way Out
Set the World on Fire
Never, Neverland
Second to None
Refreshing the Demon
Drum Solo
Alison Hell
Human Insecticide
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