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The Lazy’s with The Motorleague at The Rivoli

It was a hot, sweaty, loud but epic night at the Rivoli in Toronto.  Who knew walls could sweat? If you missed The Motorleague and The Lazy’s performances I highly suggest you keep a watch out for when they are in town again, you will not regret it.  Both bands are highly energetic on stage and it doesn’t matter if they are performing for 100 people or 1000, their energy is infectious and spills into the crowd.  The Motorleague hit the stage first at The Rivoli and the fans were ready.  The lead singer Don Jasen Levandier announced to the crowd that there was fans in attendance from all over Canada, and I can see why.  The first time I saw The Motorleague was recently at a show in Niagara and once again there was fans there from all over, now that is some dedication.  It is always nice to see such a strong fan base for an up and coming band.  The Motorleague hails from Moncton, New Brunswick and is here supporting The Lazy’s for a few shows around town.  If you have a chance, go check them out and support live music.

The crowd started chanting “The Lazy’s” and banging beer bottles on tables a good 10 minutes before they were suppose to hit the stage.  I can’t tell you how much that made me smile.  If you know me at all, or know anything about me, you will know how much I love The Lazy’s.  This hard rock AC/DC type band is from Australia and they have been here quite a lot in recent months supporting their new single “Howling Woman”.   Playing to an almost sold out room their fans couldn’t get enough!  Even being so hot in the Rivoli they were dancing up a storm from the front of the venue all the way to the doors in the back, singing/screaming their hearts out. Just about everywhere I turned I saw people wearing The Lazy’s merchandise, not to shabby from a band who lives half way around the world.  

I wish I could put into words how gracious the whole band is.  Making time for anyone who wants to talk to them, signing autographs and taking pictures with anyone who asks (myself included, numerous times).  Not once have I seen anyone leave their shows disappointed. I have been to enough of The Lazy’s shows that I would have noticed if that had happened.  

I am sure if you listen to just about any radio stations in the GTA you would have heard The Lazy’s song “Black Rebel” which of course they played last night along with “Shake It Like You Mean It” and “Howling Woman”.  I have to give props to the whole band for giving it their all last night, with it being so hot.  Leon was bouncing around on stage soaking his head with the closest water bottle near by and spraying the crowd with his drenched hair.  Matty jumping on the bar at the back of the room and playing a guitar solo absolutely drenched with sweat.  Poor Andy stuck behind a drum kit with very little air movement.  Liam and Glenn so close to the hot lights on stage, I am sure they were melting.  There is nothing quite like watching a band giving it their all when you know and can see how much they are obviously on fire. 

If you like high energy,  good old rock music, I highly suggest you check out The Lazy’s.  Even more so, go see them live.  Their energetic stage show is a refreshing change from the norm.  I am sure they have bad nights just like anyone else would, but you would never know it when they hit the stage.  They give it their all night after night.  I can’t wait for the next time they are in town.

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