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“More to Love” By Pat Maloney

Pat Maloney is a Canadian Folk artist, originally from Ottawa,ON. He has been creating Folk music for over a decade now, that most definitely has a more distinct flavour to it than other Folk music out there. Between his relaxed personality during performances, strong vocals that suit the genre so well, and his “exclusive” whistling, he is an artist that more music lovers need to be aware of. Not only is he a proficient musician in a numerous amount of ways though, he is extremely ingenious when it comes to making music videos (especially his new lyric video). He has toured across the United Kingdom and Canada, since 2013.

This week, the track “More to Love” off of his new album “Righthere”, being his first acoustic full length album. This is an upbeat song, and my favourite part of it would be the fun and unique lyricism. The lyrics in this track are extremely clever and although intriguing at times, they still have a certain touch of unique wittiness to them. This song is gratifying in terms of musicality, vocals, lyricism, and the personality of it as a whole. I love the fact that although it is just simply acoustic guitar featured in this track, the whole production of it is done so well that acoustic is all it needs. Perhaps if other instrumentation was included, it could take away the organic nature that this song perpetuates.

He is a beyond excellent example of Canadian talent; check out his tour to see “more to love” about him.


Sep 19 8:00pm Bar de Courcelle
Montreal, QC CA

Sep 21 8:00pm
Cambrian College
Sudbury, ON CA

Sep 22 9:00pm
Water Tower Pub
Sault Ste Marie, ON CA

Sep 23 12:00pm
Sault College
Sault Ste Marie, ON CA

Sep 24 12:30pm
Fromagerie Elgin
Sudbury, ON CA

Sep 24 9:00pm
Fromagerie Elgin
Sudbury, ON CA

Oct 01 9:00pm
Sawdust City Brewing
Gravenhurst, ON CA

Oct 05 8:00pm
Monigram Backlot Sessions
Galt, ON CA

Oct 07 9:30pm
Dominion House Tavern
Windsor, ON CA

Oct 08 8:00pm
London Music Club
London, ON CA

Oct 09 11:00am
Toronto, ON CA

Oct 09 8:00pm
Mahtay Café
St Catharines, ON CA

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