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“Looked In Too” by Together Pangea

Together Pangea is a Punk-Garage trio band, based out of Los Angeles. The band formed in 2008, inspired by William Keegans recording’s from his own home. Band members include Danny Bengston (bass), Erik Jimenez (drums), both being William Keegan’s (vocals) friends. They became known for their loud and rowdy shows, and began releasing more music as they began forming more of a reputation. In 2012, they began to work with a various amount of Indie Labels. Currently, they are working with Burger Records.

Burger Records is a punk rock based record label, based out of Fullerton, California. It doubles as an Independent record label, and a record store. It was founded in 2007 by both Lee Rickard, and Sean Bohrman, who were fellow band members. The label is known for releasing a majority of their tunes on cassette. Other artists that they host include Devon Williams, Bell Gardens, The Go, and more. In 2011, they also created a subsidiary that went by the name of Weiner Records. This allowed bands to have their cassettes mastered, pressed, packaged, and promoted through Burger however, without the Burger Label.

This week , I have chosen Together Pangea’s song “Looked in Too”, off of their most recent record The Phage. This is an upbeat, punk-garage sounding track. It reminded me somewhat of something that Fidlar would record, with a bit more of a surf-rock vibe to it. It includes upbeat riffs, loud vocals that aren’t of the highest quality, but matches the grunge vibe that the song is aiming for. Drum’s are not something that are necessarily show-cased within this song, but are still a nice addition to the track.

Catch them in Toronto at Lee’s Palace on December 3rd, along with Golden Daze and Twin Peaks.

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