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Video Premiere: “The Days Are Just Packed” by Billy Moon

Sometimes we struggle to find the right words to describe a song or video that is sent to us, we are lucking enough to get the artist themselves perfectly and in his own words let us know what this song, video and work means to him.

Billy Moon is a name that a boy gave himself because the one thing that means to the most to you as a kid is the ability to take back some sense of control. This is why movies like “Spy Kids” or “School of Rock” are awesome, kids roam free, they don’t have to be told what to do.

Billy Moon is my license to make the show better and say whatever I want onstage.

The story kind of begins when I made the mistake of trying to be more normal. I spent a lot of my high school being a weirdo and having weirdo friends (and still being the weird kid) but there was some part of me that wanted to get along with normal people. I was convinced that there was something wrong with me that I had to fix. I spent about 2.5 years convinced of this, the main reason it didn’t work was because I’m really not all that “normal”. No one is, really.

While I was trying to be this specific kind of person that I felt the world around me wanted to be, a filtered version. Billy Moon is kind of the sludgey version of myself. All the bits the filter was meant to catch as one kid.

When you’ve always felt like the weirdo in the room, there will always be a part of you that wants to raise a big middle finger to the rest of the world that says “fine, here I am, come and get me”.

Billy Moon was the guy that remained a constant for me when I was going through my own ups and downs with meeting new kids and trying out new paths of self discovery. Billy Moon was a part of my identity that I took control of, a name that I was not given, but that I took.

Here is Billy talking about the creation of this video.

“We just hung out with Shawn Kosmo who’s got to be one of the most talented kids in all of Sudbury, Ontario. We set up in his parent’s backyard and fired off a tune. I’m happy we did it where we did, I think it speaks to the song’s theme of adventure in your own backyard. Gotta love Kosmo, he’s a real sweetheart.”

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